The Beauty 100 - 2017 - Insider's Guide to SPAS

Real Scents

9 Natural Fragrances Crafted from Pure Essential Oils & Absolutes

Valentinas Naturals Hydrating Oil

Valentina’s Naturals

This Portland, Oregon-based brand, run by husband-and-wife team Claudia and Adam Batz, offers a variety of six natural perfume blends (Pure Serenity, Sacred Incense, and True Love, to name a few) in handy perfume rollers. $14.

Providence Perfume

Providence Perfume Company

Rhode Island-based perfumer Charna Ethier is truly inspired. She creates magical, one-of-a-kind blends by hand and offers concentrated perfume oils (Violet Beauregarde, to name a favorite), Eau de Parfums (try Divine, a warm and alluring scent), and even organic perfumed teas. $28 to $175.

Adora Therapy


Playful and powerful, these aromatherapy blends are meant to transform your mood. There’s the Gal on the Go Mood Boost collection, a set of seven “scents with intent,” in spray form, ranging from Seductive (patchouli, sandalwood, and clove) to Awake (sacred tulsi, cinnamon, and frankincense). Chakra Boost, a roll-on collection, features seven formulas from Joy to Clarity, created from gem and flower essences in addition to essential oils and absolutes. $6 to $140.

Good Clean Love Myths Legends

Good Clean Love

Founder and “Loveologist” Wendy Strgar created the line’s signature scents Myths + Legends, to inspire our connection to the divine feminine and divine masculine. “It is through our olfactory capacity that we connect to our emotions, memories, and sexuality,” shared Strgar. “Using ancient formulations that have long evoked desire is the quickest way to rediscovering the divine in each of us.” $59.99.

Intelligent Nutrients

Intelligent Nutrients

Seek Spirit Essence, a bright floral (imagine ylang ylang, rose, and neroli) and Seek Spirit Essence, a potent earthy blend (think oakmoss, vetiver, and jasmine), are uplifting scents inspired by the legendary Horst Rechelbacher’s favorite flower essences. Nice touch: $5 from the sale of these Essences goes to support pollinator projects. $45 to $90.

Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge

This company is intent on “building a new fragrance grammar of the American West,” and they’re managing to do just that in the short time since launching. Wilderness Perfume bears the name of the place from which its contents—distilled and extracted fragrance from all kinds of wildflowers and moss and bark—originate. Backpacker Colognes include Siskiyou, Big Sur, and Topango Cabin. Cabin sprays also available. $35 to $65.

Lab Of Flowers

Laboratory of Flowers

A typical day for aromatherapist and flower genius Michael Scholes involves working with more than 250 pure essential oils from over 60 countries out of his Sterling, Virginia, lab. The Perfumes with a Purpose line includes a number of perfumes that are available in roll-on, concentrated, and eau de toilette form. While you’re exploring all he has on offer, don’t overlook his lovely floral waters. $45 to $150.

Goop Edition 01

Edition 01 Goop Fragrance

Described as “a perfume of cypress smoke, snow, and sensual quiet,” this debut scent is the brainchild of Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow, who worked with perfumer Douglas Little to create her brand’s first fragrance. Mystical, fragrant ingredients include frankincense, cypress oil, and patchouli leaf extract. $165.

Rich Hippie

Rich Hippie

With names like Wild Thing, Bohemian Wedding, and Hoochie Coochie and eye-catching neon packaging, this California perfume company is truly an original. Crafted in small batches, perfume is made with organically farmed plants and flowers, as well as wine alcohol from organically grown grapes harvested from California’s renowned wine regions. $20 to $725.

—Mary Bemis