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Sleep Enhancers

10 Simple Ways to Sweeten Your Dreams

Valentinas Naturals Hydrating Oil

Sweet Dreams Hydrating Body & Massage Oil 

Valentina’s Naturals

Applying oil after an evening bath or shower is a nice and relaxing nighttime ritual. This newcomer is a beautiful blend of jasmine, vanilla, and sandalwood in an organic sunflower base. $14.

Farmaesthetic Dreaming Oil

Dreaming Oil 


There’s a reason why this indie brand calls Dreaming Oil “a lullaby in a bottle for grown-ups.” A beautiful blend of lavender and clary sage, this “Etheric Inhalation Oil” may be enjoyed in a number of ways. Perhaps the most effective is simply placing a few drops in the palm of your hand, rubbing together, and inhaling deeply. $27.

Badger Sleep Balm

Sleep Balm 

Badger Balm

Here’s a true, reliable “hero” product that counts lavender and bergamot among its calming ingredients. USDA-certified organic, this balm comes in a tin, available in two handy sizes. $5.99 to 9.99.

Lotus Wei Quite Mind

Quiet Mind Anointing Oil 

Lotus Wei

In addition to aiding in quieting the mind and regaining clarity, this little gem of a blend was concocted to help relax the body and prepare for a better night’s sleep. It’s an unusual, yet intoxicating, blend of geranium, lemon, and coriander. $30.

Tara Deep Rest Roll On

Deep Rest Roll-On Remedy 

Tara Spa Therapy

We love the size of this aromatherapy roll-on lotion, as well as its soothing blend of essential oils, including sweet marjoram, lavender, and petitgrain mandarin. Apply to pulse points, like temples and wrists, and slowly breathe in. $14.50.

Naturopathica Sleep Tincture

Passionflower Sleep Tincture 


Place a number of drops of this handcrafted herbal tincture in your tea or water for a better night’s rest. Featuring a powerhouse trio of passionflower, ashwagandha root, and valerian root. $29.

Body Mantra Serenity

Serenity Oil 

Body Mantra Blends

Designed to “strengthen the feelings of peace and restfulness when you take time to stop and breathe,” this beautiful oil blend, handcrafted in Boulder, Colorado, calls on the calming plant powers of lavender, clary sage, patchouli, angelica, and valerian. $40.

H Gillerman Sleep Remedy

Sleep Remedy 

H. Gillerman Organics

A deep whiff of these USDA-certified organic oils—lavandin, blood orange, clary sage, and lavender—does wonders to ease whatever’s on your mind. $48.

Now Essential Ois Peaceful Sleep

Peaceful Sleep Oil Blend 

NOW Essential Oils

A relaxing blend of six essential oils, including lavender, chamomile, and ylang ylang, this potent blend may be put to a number of good uses. Make a room or pillow mist by adding 30 drops to an ounce of water in a spray bottle and spritz away. $12.99.

Camille Beckman

Full Relaxation 

Camille Beckman

Handmade in small batches out of Eagle, Idaho, this soothing bath soak counts coconut milk, Epsom salts, hemp oil, and lavender oil among its relaxing ingredients. $3.50 per packet.

—Mary Bemis